Sunday, December 11, 2011

The iRescU CPR/AED App system

Below was in-part what my huge project from a couple of years ago...

The iRescU CPR/AED App system:
A bridge between saving lives and social media,designed to put the skills of CPR and AED location and use easily into our hands.

Also **HOT OFF the PRESS**If you missed out on the "iRescU AED Location Challenge" during AHAthe next "iRescU AED geoLocation Challenge"is NOW underway from December 5th 2011,until December 19th at Midnight First Prize will be an AED, second prize an iPad 2.0, 10 runners up will receive eTagged AED Upload T-ShirtsParticipants can be from anywhere in the world!!

A ten AED minimum is required to win any prize, and all geploacated AEDs MUST have a photo.Announcement of this "iRescU AED Location Challenge" winners will be midday December 20th

So get out your cameras and phones and upload those AED locations to

It is as easy as 1- 2 - 3 !

2. Take a pic with your camera or phone and
3. Upload the pic and location info at -

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