Saturday, October 24, 2009

Medical Supplies

We have collected a large number of medical supplies for Belize.

ACER always has a need for more medical supplies.

Our current collection will arrive Oct 31st, and will be donated to Ambergris Caye Emergency Rescue (ACER), The Poly Clinic and SAGA.

Some may ask why such a broad mix of places? Good question!

As we collect supplies for ACER, we have also been offered medical supplies that may not fit in the ACER mix, but would be very well received by one of the other two organizations. (Example: home nebulizer really won't do the team much good, but for a local family with someone that has asthma, this could be a life and death device!)

We also may have some access to some meds that are recently expired, that the clinic couldn't use but SAGA may be able to.

Make sense? Cool... have questions, drop us an email or a PM, we're here to help!

We GREATLY appreciate your assistance!

Donate if you can, please! Paypal acerbelize at or hit the donate button at the right side of our blog:

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