Wednesday, November 19, 2008

ACER Meeting - New volunteers, Donations, Community Involvement

had a business meeting on Tuesday 18 Nov 2008.
  • We discussed applications for new members
  • Goals of the team
  • Future training schedules
  • Community Involvement - We need YOUR help!

If you feel you could donate to the team, please let us know

We need:

  • Additional team members - we'll supply the training!
  • Cash - This allows us to buy basic supplies like c-collars, bandages, even body bags.
  • Meeting locations - Need someplace for our training sessions and special meetings
  • Lodging - we have a number of outside expert training staff that arrive from time to time and need a place to for them to stay.
  • Meals - see above
  • Awareness - Please help spread the word about ACER, after all, we're in it for YOU

If you have items to donate, want to become a part of the team, or have general questions:

e-mail: or call +501-226-3231

ACER, We're in it for YOU!

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