Friday, October 24, 2008

Jason - chairperson for NEMO Dispatched to the inland village of Crooked Tree

Jason has been dispatched as chairperson for NEMO to the inland village of Crooked Tree where flood waters are six feet over the causeway, the only road that leads into the village.

Jason was part of the NEMO assessment operation and he visited the towns of Maypen, Rancho, Lemonal and Burrel Boom.

Residents who have been stranded are currently evacuating the town.

ACER has sent life saving equiptment to Jason to assist with the evacuation and ACER is on standby to assist with this disaster.

Jason has extensive training and experience in swift water rescue and these are the conditions he is facing as the water continues to rise at Crooked Tree.

Predictions are for more rain through next Wednesday.

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